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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ladies Tattoos

Ladies Tattoo, Tattoo Ladies, Ladies Tattoo and well tis a Saturday night and I am thinking wat to hell will I do as I have no life but for moi computer, I know tis really sad. But fear not because I thought to myself I think I will write a tattoo hub especially for all the lovely ladies that follow my tattoo hubs so I will do a hub aptly called Ladies Tattoo.

Anyways tonight I am gonna get totally drunk, oh sorry was typing that to someone on msn, no idea how to heck it got on my hub but hell tis there now and I can't be assed removing it, as my Old Gran used to say " You can't change the past ", poor Old Gran had never watched Back to the Future, silly old bag !

But back to my Ladies Tattoo and this captivating evening I bring you 12 of the most knee trembling tattoos you will ever see in yer life, jeeez they are so mind shattering I shud be selling ya tickets just to see them. After the 12 brain jolting ladies tattoos I will also have 2 lovely lil videos waiting at the end for you all, jeeez I just love al you ladies, you are for sure Gods masterpiece, enjoy the tattoos.

Now this ladie sure as heck knows how to get two cracking sleeve tattoos, one stunning example of a ladies tattoo. 
Yeeee Haaaaaa, now that's what I call a lady that is deff packing ; ) 
A ladies tattoo with plenty of bite but do ya like it or think it's the pits ! 

OMG is all I can say about this ladies tattoo, like who wud get frogs on their back, a Wind in the Willows fan ?? 

Jeeez I have never seen another ladies tattoo like this one, tis an Embroidery Tattoo, deff had me in stiches ; )

Wowwww for pure beauty this ladies tattoo has to be the most stunning tattoo I have seen in my life.

Oh yesss another little masterpiece and the lil bird just sets this ladies tattoo off, I am deff loving tonights tattoos and hope you all are as well. 

In this ladies tattoo she wasn't sure whether she loved her Nintendo or Mom the most so she got em both on her arm.

I loves a nice fairy tattoo and purple is moi fav colour so this had to be a selection for my ladies tattoo hub

For me another of my fav ladies tattoos is that long daisy chain tattoo from just under Peaches Geldofs breast to right down her leg, totally stunning. 

This little lizard tattoo appeared on my lizard tattoos hub but for me it will always remain one of my top ladies tattoos, love it ! 

Sorry ladies but words just fail me for this ladies tattoo, all I can say is " Wow " 

Ladies Tattoo Videos

 Jeeeez those were a dozen really cool ladies tattoos, oh for you dumbasses a dozen is 12 unless yer a baker and then tis 13, I wonder why a bakers dozen is one more, tis strange that for sure. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photos on my ladies tattoo hub and i hope it has given you a few ideas on what tattoo you might like to get.

Hands up if you have a stunning tattoo, oh for godsake get yer hand down, like as if I can see ya. Anyways if ya didn't see a tattoo ya like you have no sense of the beauty of the ladies tattoo but I will try to entertain you more with two electrifing videos, tis shocking the phrases I use these days.

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