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Monday, 9 May 2011

Lizard Tattoos

Lizard tattoos, lizard tattoo and tattoos of lizards is what we will look at today. Why lizard tattoos you ask, tis simple this hub is being written for one of my readers because she requested it and if you have an animal or a piercing or any type of body art you wud like to see just leave me a comment and I will write it.

After all, without you readers I am nothing so my special tattoo fan, you enjoy the Lizard Tattoos babe ok !!!

Lizard Tattoos - Belly

 Now this lizard tattoo deff knows where to look and it's just as well the young lady has her hand over her breast or methinks that lizards tongue wud be out. But hey forget the jokes just look at that stunning bit of artwork, jeeez not the womans breast, the goddam lizard tattoo not the goddam tat !
Anyways I picked this lizard tattoo out because I think it's cute, it's sexy and I love the red colours used in it, and of course it's a clever lizard as it knows where to look.

Lizard Tattoos- Back

I loves you peeps so much I spent hours looking for the best back lizard tattoo, ok so maybe it wasn,t an hour but it was a good 15 minutes and man did I find you a real stunner, oh and the tattoo wasn,t that bad either.

Just look at the size of that lizard tattoo, right from her neck down to her jeans plus the lizard tattoo design is just amazing, that must have taken hours to get done. Is it just me or does that lizard tattoo make that girl look even more sexy than she is, deff body art is just that, totally artistic.

Lizard Tattoos - Arm

One thing I have noticed about the lizard tattoos is how they actually look real, you know like a 3 D effect on the body. This one on the arm is really good but hey wait until you see the one after that on the upper arm on the shoulderblade, jeeez man it's gotta be one of the best tattoos I have ever seen.

Anyways below you will see the first arm tattoo and then for me the best of the lizard tattoos although for you freaks with a foot fetish I have a nice lil foot lizard tattoo at the end. Ok take a look at the two arm tattoos, hmmmm does the shoulderblade only half count as an arm, who even cares ?

For me the best Lizard Tattoo, totally stunning ! 

Lizard Tattoos - Foot

 I really shouldn,t do this bit as you all know I have a phobia of feet but hell I loves to keep my readers happy and I know a few of ya will probably get a lizard tattoo on yer foot but if ya do don,t mail me a photo of it ok unless ya want me to throw up.

I do gotta say though that this lizard foot tattoo is kinda cute and well for a foot it is kinda sexy, I am still never gonna suck anyones toes though. Anyways enjoy the foot lizard tattoo.

OMG that is so beautiful, so sexy and artistic. Nooooo not the gecko lizard tattoo on the leaf, I am talkin about those sexy lil ginger freckles ! 
I had to laugh at this lizard tattoo, my first lizard was lookin up and this one is a lookin down, methinks the lizard like me knows the best parts of a woman ! 
This lizard tattoo has obviously just been done as the guys leg is still shaved, or is it a chick with a hairy leg. Did I ever tell ya about my hairy leg fetish, hmmm maybe not as tis a bit weird ; ) 

Lizard Tattoos Video

Ok I hope you enjoyed that lil blog on lizard tattoos my tattoo readers and as I have said if anyone else has a request of a tattoo they would like to read let me know and I will write it, you my readers are what comes first.

Here is a nice little video with another selection of lizard tattoos, ya know what I kinda like lizard tattoos now, really damn stunning and artistic, nice selection from one of my readers, doncha think. !!

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