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Monday, 2 May 2011

Pirate Tattoos

Pirate Tattoo, Pirate Tattoos,Pirate Tattoo, arghhhh me readers the old Captain the twas fun whilst he lasted but hey I still love those pirates especially that sexy Cabin Girl, what a butt. Anyways I am gonna show you a collection of Pirate Tattoos because believe it or not the Pirate Tattoo is actuallly really popular, I blame that Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Believe it or not a lot of people actually got a Pirate Tattoo of Jack Sparrow, is it just me or are peeps weird or is it me that is weird, anyways let's raise the Jolly Roger and have a look at some really cool Pirate Tattoos.

Ok what can I say, I nearly wept as I looked at this Pirate Tattoos, it just reminded the Captain of the pretty Cabin Girl, I love this cool tattoo design.

And of course one can,t write about Pirate Tattoo without a cool tattoo design of the good Captain Sparrow himself, oh how I miss those pirate days ! 
Yes I hear ya all cry aloud, a Pirate Tattoo of the Captain is no good if he doesn't have a wench with him. The Captain has an eye for the ladies and in this Pirate Tattoo  he has one under him, he loves a wench under him ; )

Hands up if ya remember the " Wild Imagination ", ahhh those were the days indeedy and ya can,t write about Pirate Tattoos without the Captains good ship, I feel a lil tear dripping down my cheek.

Oh yes the Captain shouts aloud, a Cabin Girl with flowing red hair. Indeedy a Pirate Tattoo to die for, a redheaded pirate wench on yer arm, tis a dream come true !

Oh I am lovin this Pirate Tattoo blog as I never knew you cud get so many sexy pirate girl tattoos. I think tomorrow I am off to the tattooists to strip naked and get pirate girls tattoos on every bit of my body. Hands up if ya wanna see the finished?

I loves this Pirate Tattoo as that,s my kinda pirate girl wearin the Captains hat with me skull and crossbones and doncha just love her hat.

Ok just for you ladies who like cute tattoos here is yer orginal lil Pirate Tattoo, I might just get that tattooed on my ass so it really is a bear ass !

I don,t really like this  but I liked the colours in it and it deff stands out but not for the Captain, besides what tosser puts a damn Pirate Tattoo dagger blade in their mouth, guess it beats flossing !

Dead Men Tell No Tales, bit sodden obvious really isn,t it. Now this Pirate Tattoo I like a lot as it has it all, the pirate, the parrot and that verse, yup this one gets my vote for 2nd best Pirate Tattoo.

Pirate Tattoo Video

Jeeez I am really knackered now after writing that blog and searching for all those Pirate Tattoos , oh can I just say a big thanks to Carol for putting the idea into my head, Carol is a lil diamond, she really is.
Anyway you peeps I am off for a nice cup of tea and 3 choc biscuits. Oi who called me a big fat git, just cause yer in sodden America and I am in Ireland don.t mean I can,t put me boot up yer ass, yer only 7 hours away downwind ya know.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed the Pirate Tattoos  and do watch all of the Jack Sparrow video and always remember the Captain and the Cabin Girl, jeeez wat to hell else are ya doing !!

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