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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Religious Tattoos

 Religious Tattoos, Religious Tattoo, Religious Tattoos and well as I was having my nightly read of my Bible that I won at Sunday School as a boy I thought to myself " Religious Tattoos shall be my next blog ", and then I thought the neighbours might hear me and think I was a bit crazy. I still can't work out why they call me Norman Bates, it's not even my name.

Now the thing about Religious Tattoos is they are basically an image and did God not say not to worship false images. I read that in my Bible, bet you all thought I was joking when I said I was reading my Bible, well I was although after a bottle of red wine it gets hard to focus.

Anyways you peeps today I am bringing you not 8, jeeez not even 9 but 10 of the best Religious Tattoos and trust me these tattoos will make yer eyes pop out. If yer eye does actually pop out stop reading the hub and phone an ambulance ok, they will look into it.

As well as my jawdropping Religious Tattoos I will be bringing you 2 great lil tattoo videos on the religious tattoos. Jeeeez by the time you finish looking at the photos and the videos you may become born again. Wud ya actually like to be born again, live yer life all over again and go through everything again, anyways enjoy the tattoos.

I like this religious tattoo with the words " In God I Trust " as it kinda makes me miss my Sunday School days, how I enjoyed singing my hymns. 
Now this is what I call real kickass religious tattoos, the 10 Commandments even laid out on stone, totally awesome. 
I like this religious tattoo of the praying hands, my Old Gran used to have a necklace with the praying hands, she used to pray that she wud win the lottery, she never got the balls up, poor Old Gran.

Jeeez what an amazin Jesus religious tattoo, I kinda think I need to start going to Church again, to think the buggers threw me out for taking money out of a basket they were passin around, how rude!! 

This religious tattoo is of the last supper and I was sad enough to count to make sure all 13 where in the tattoo, tis why the number 13 is unlucky, bet ya didn't know that. 

Wowww, I know religion can be a real pain in the neck but this is my fav of my religious tattoos, in fact this neck tattoo is just damn stunning. 

Another stunning religious tattoo with the words "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil" Hands up if ya know that verse, cuddly toy if ya said the Charge of the Light Brigade.

As many of the petty lil peeps in the world bicker over the small stuff read this religious tattoo, smile and think about the big stuff, the good stuff in life, peace be with you moi peeps. 

A religious tattoos blog wouldn't be right without the rosary beads, I rub mine like crazy just before Tiger Woods is taking a putt, God works in mysterious ways. 

The last of my religious tattoos has Jesus peeking out of yer back through the cross, this tattoo is a work of art and well thought out. 

Religious Tattoos Videos

Because it's almost  Friday and I am doing a religious tattoos hub I am gonna just pretend it's Good Friday but writing this hub has got me thinking of all the little things in life that we take for granted like going for a good walk. Smiling at a stranger, be careful who the stranger is though, ya don't wanna be smiling at a nutter, it kinda sends them the wrong signals.

Anyways you lovely tattoo lovers I have posted 2 religious tattoos videos just below which I send you with my blessings. Ok here is a lil interactive quiz for ya to play ok, first get a pen or pencil and a bit of paper, jeeez hurry up or the weekend will be over. Ok are ya ready, write down as many of the 10 Commandments as you can then scroll back up and see how many ya got. Anybody that got none I guess I won't be seeing ya in Heaven, "Is that Iowa ?" " Jeeez will you kill that silly Field Of Dreams joke, it's not funny"

I hope you lovely peeps enjoyed moi lil collection of religious tattoos, I bid you all a good weekend, I am off to look for my Bible, I know I had it bookmarked at the page where Daniel was getting fed to the lions, anyone know if they ate him? Gotta go, loves ya peeps, have a great weekend.

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