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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpion Tattoo, Scorpion Tattoos, Scorpion Tattoo and why oh why you ask do I keep repeatin myself at the start of my blogs, cause it gets ya high up the google rankings. Bet yer laughin and sayin no it doesn't, trust me it does. Anyways today I am bringin ya 14 cool scorpion tattoo pics and then my usual lil video at the end.

I am kinda a bit mad at the Oscar awards as I watched the Hurt Locker last night and no way does that pile of cack even compare to Avatar as Avatar was amazin plus I kinda fancied the alien chick in it, just somethin sexy about Aliens, doncha think.

Anyways on Monday I am puttin up a new avatar of myself in my nice new green and black t shirt, don't worry tis not a Hello Kitty T Shirt, plus ya will be able to see moi St Christopher, anyways enjoy yer Saturday night and have a great night. I am deff lovin the scorpion tattoo, has a bit of bite, doncha think.

Anyone that knows me twil know I loves the lowerback tattoos and this lowerback scorpion tattoo is amazin, oh and if ya don't me I am called Art but call me The Tattoguy.

Oh yeah baby keep liftin that top and show us yer tats, " jeeez do ya know how sad, desperate and pathetic ya sound, tis a disgrace " " Yeah I know but tis a great scorpion tattoo, ya didn't think I meant her other tats, did ya? "

Loves this scorpion tattoo and deff ya wud think those lil red eyes were poppin out, bit like my red eyes the day after i've been on the red wine !

I am told this is a Japanese Scorpion, jeeez I didn't even know there were Japanese scorpions, if yer Japanese let me know, oh but don't reply in Japanese ok !

Deff am lovin this neck scorpion tattoo and am a bit worried as I am kinda finding this guy kinda hot lookin, methinks I need to find a woman and fast ; )

OMG another guy with a scorpion tattoo, damn cracking tattoo but jeeez he's got his raspberry ripple pierced, even after 3 bottles of red wine no bugger wud be piercing my nipple !!!!

Lovin this amazin 3D scorpion tattoo and hasn't that chick just got the cutest lil smile ya have ever seen, wat a lil hottie !

Gotta say I am a big fan of the tribal tattoos and this tribal scorpion tattoo is a real beauty as is the chick it's attached to !

Ya all know I hates feet but hell she's got nicely cut toenails, cute lil toes and the tribal scorpion tattoo is a beauty, the I loves it !

Nice lil ear scorpion tattoo and I gotta say I must get a tattoo just there on my ear, personally I think tis a perfect place cause ya can either cover it or show it, loves it.

Back of the neck scorpion tattoo and the dark red colour really sets it off, ya know wat, I might actually become a tattoo artist.

Another foot scorpion tattoo and this one is one hell of a stunner, ya know wat, I love this tattoo so much I wud even kiss that foot, I wud !

Love this upper arm scorpion tattoo, just love the colours and the design, deff a perfect choice if yer thinking of getting a scorpion tattoo.

The perfect tattoo for any guy looking to get a really cool looking tribal tattoo, hell this cool tattoo is almost as cool as me and I am iceeeee coooool !

Scorpion Tattoo Video.

Well I hope ya enjoyed the pics, if ya didn't then fear not as I have a treat for ya, I am posting a pet scorpion to each and everyone of you. Oh chill out, like as if I cud afford to do that but as always I have a scorpion tattoo video compilation for ya to have a look at and ya should find a good tattoo within that.

Jeeez tis almost Saturday night already, soon be Sunday and then back to work and wat is my life, sittin on my fat ass writin a scorpion tattoo blog. Jeeez surely I am gonna get a life one of these days, why wasn't I born into a rich family so I cud be chillin on a beach with hot lil redheads scampering around me. Maybe a bookcompany will spot me and sign me up, maybe I will win the Lottery, oh bugger it, tis a Saturday and I am off to get a bottle of red wine, hope ya enjoyed the scorpion tattoo blog, loves all ya peeps.

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