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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sparrow Tattoos For Girls

Sparrow Tattoo, Sparrow Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoo Designs, jeeez even Jack Sparrow, but all joking aside the lil sparrow tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos picked by a woman. I actually once went out with this girl who had a really nice sparrow tattoo on her wrist but she didn't like it and got it removed by lazer treatment. A cheap tattoo, an expensive removal, think carefully before you get yer sparrow tattoo.

Anyways today I am bringing ya loads and loads of sparrow tattoos, took me ages getting them, buggers kept flying away on me. I gotta say I am a big fan of the sparrow tattoo and I might even get one myself, any suggestions as to where I shud get it. Right enough of my bull, enjoy the photos of the sparrow tattoos and do share me with yer friends if ya like it and if yer not too busy leave a lil comment as that makes me really happy, I know I am a sad old bugger with no mates !

Loves a nice lil belly sparrow tattoo and I think having the sparrows either side of the belly is really artistic ! 

I wasn't sure whether to post this sparrow tattoo or not because I am not sure of they are sparrows, are they?, you tell me ! 

Jeeez now that is wat I call one really long slinky back, oh that's right we are talking about her tattoos, loves these sparrow tattoos, jeeez that is one hot as hell back for sure.

Awwwww I loves this sparrow tattoo, makes ya just wannna cuddle that chick, well I do anyway ! 

Nice lil sparrow tattoo with a name underneath but jeeez I just can't make that damn name out, can any of you lot read it ? 

I am guessing this is a guys back, now I dunno about you guys but for me a sparrow tattoo is just meant for women, just as soccer is just meant for us big hunky men ok ! 

I love this sparrow tattoo with that verse " I absolve you from all, but yourself ", now that tis wat I call a profound tattoo. 

Nice lil sparrow tattoo done especially for Mom, my guess is Mommy loved it, doncha think ? 

Dunno about the sparrow tattoo but jeeez that chick is hot as hell, and yep the tattoo is my fav so far ! 

The famous and hot movie star Sienna Miller showing off her lil wrist sparrow tattoo. Have ya seen her in the movie Layer Cake, if ya haven't rent it out, outstanding movie.

Another guy with a sparrow tattoo across his breast, I have no idea what the verse means, anyone out there care to enlighten us ? 

Two fisted sparrow tattoos and they deff love Kate, but are they a guys fists or a womans fists, ya just can't tell, or can you ? 

 This sparrow tattoo is my fav ok, it is just beautiful and so artistic and has of course the verse from Luke inside it, anyone wanna let us know what that verse in the Bible says, cuddly toy is the prize if ya can ! 

Amazing Tattoos Video

 What can I say, I have failed you moi loyal readers and I am so sorry indeedy. I have seached high and low and couldn't find a sparrow tattoos video. To be honest this really surprised me as sparrow tattoos are really popular, who knows maybe they took flight.

Anyways I didn't want to leave ya with no video at all and was gonna post a video of me on holiday in my speedos but twas worried if ya were eating that it might put ya off yer food. I have however found a great video showing some really amazing tattoos, ok I know ya were looking for ideas on sparrow tattoos but sorry peeps, even I ain't perfect, well maybe I am ; )

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Ivy said...

These are lovely! The verse for your last tattoo is:

"Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God." --Luke 12:6