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Monday, 2 May 2011

Spider Tattoos

Spider Tattoos, Spider Tattoo, Spider Tattoos are on the menu for today folks. Yes ladies those nasty lil creepy things that crawl up yer legs, no not yer boyfriends, I am talking spiders and today I will shows you the marvels of the spider tattoos.

Tis actually funny how many chicks that  actualy are scared of spiders and dance and scream, like pleaseeeeee ladies, tis only a tiny lil thing and again I don't mean yer boyfriend. I am just in from the garden after enchancing my suntan, I got my haircut and there was a small bit of my head not tanned and it looked kinda weird, jeeez I don't want peeps calling me a weirdo.

Anyways you peeps from all over the world step right up to the my circus of magical spider tattoos and today we bring you good peeps 10 of the best spider tattoos you will ever see in yer life and yes of course the 2 lil videos at the end. Hands up if you really look forward to the videos at the end now, jeeez madam get that sweaty armpit down and do invest in a razor. Enjoy my spider tattoos moi friends, life is after all a web of intrigue and mystery.

The first of moi spider tattoos is this beast of an arm tattoo, imagine waking up beside that every morning. 

Now this neck tattoo is what I call a kickass spider tattoo, jeeez maybe it will give he a lovebite, I know I wud ! 

 Matching pair of spider tattoos for this cool chick, doncha just love a nice matchin pair? 

Jeeeez wud ya look at the size of that big one, ladies the spider tattoo ok, heads this way, don't get distracted.

I swear I am so not gonna sleep tonight after seeing all these spider tattoos, I wonder cud I run really fast if I had 8 legs, nahhhh it wud cost me a fortune on socks and shoes. 

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh those spider tattoos even scare me as I hate feet, omg wud any of you chicks massage those feet. I am actually lookin a good massage, gettin so tense these days. 

Oh yeah babes, now that's wat I call one hell of a spider tattoo, see I told ya that chicks love spiders on their bodies but scream when they see a tiny one, spiders ladies, I meant spiders. 

One of my all time fav tattoos, this spider tattoo on the chicks neck is just totally awesome. 

I gotta say I am lovin the spiders tattoos and I hope you chicks are gettin over yer fear of spiders, wats that fear called anyway, Awreckedmyphobia? 

Love this spider tattoo, ya know for some reason I always thought spiders had 6 legs, I didn't realise they had the same as an Octapussy. The spider tattoos are for sure a thing of beauty, methinks I might be the next Spiderman.

Spider Tattoos Videos

 Doncha just love all those spider tattoos, my daughter actually hates spiders and screams really loud " Help, I can't have a shower as there is a spider in here"  In I go, yeah I know you chicks I am hard as nails but hey some buggers gotta get that damn spider out of there.

Ok hands up if ya think I kill the bugger or run it under the water and down the plughole, jeeeez you evil chicks, get those hands down ok. I am a nature lover, I put it in a bit of bog roll and take it to the garden, bog roll is toilet roll here in Belfast, we really are common as muck but hey let's get back to the spider tattoos.

I hope ya all enjoyed my spider tattos hub cause if ya didn't I just wasted an hour of my life writing this crap for nothin. Anyways just below, jeeez I said just below ok vvvvv, yeah that's right you dumbass. Below there are 2 totally stunning spider tattoos I got from the web, ya get the lil pun there, got from the web. Oh bugger it I am bored now, enjoy the spider tattoos videos I am off to chat up some chick online.

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