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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy Bear Tattoos, Teddy Bear Tattoo, after bringing ya all Hello Kitty Tattoos followed by Zodiac Tattoos I decided to bring ya nice lil Teddy Bear Tattoos, just let my femimine side out ya know, methinks tis my time of month. I deff wouldn't get a Teddy Bear Tattoo ya know unless I got one on my ass then it wud be a Bear Bum Tattoo !!

Anyways I dunno what it is about females and teddy bears, I blame that silly lil cow Goldilocks for letting 3 of the buggers sleep in her bed. Then this craze in the UK with those Build a Bear where ya get a custom bear and it gets a Birth Certificate and ya can buy the sodden bear personalised clothes. Sometimes I think I am the only sane person left in this damn crazy world.

In my Teddy Bear Tattoo Blog I will bring ya a brown teddy bear, a huge teddy bear, personalised teddy bear, custom teddy bears, I just love teddy bears or was I just slippin in a few keywords. My old Gran used to say I wud go far, I can still recall her saying it " Art I wish ya wud go far ", I never liked the stupid old bag, anyways let's be lookin at some Teddy Bear Tattoos.

Doncha just love Winnie the Poo, I got this tattoo on my arm last week, jeeez my Dad was right after all, I am a big fairy. Oh get real peeps, of course it's not mine. 
Deff love those tats but never mind them, just look at the cute lil custom teddy bear tattoo this chick has just got done, doncha just love it, so cuddly, jeeez my feminine side is deff comin out, gotta change those hormone tablets ! 
Must say I love this Teddy Bear Tattoo that Justine has got done, the one colour comes out really artistic along with the style of the name, I deff likes this teddy bear tattoo. 

Ok hands up if ya just went awwwwww when ya looked at that lil teddy bear tattoo, gotta say the blue sets it off, I wonder should I maybe get a teddy bear tattoo, or are they just for girls ? 

Jeeeez just when I said only a girl wud get a teddy bear tattoo I find one on a guys leg. Well unless it's a chick with a hairy leg, I love a chick with hairy legs, I am a kinky bugger ! 

OMG this teddy bear tattoo in bright pink nearly blinded me for godsake, deff I wouldn't be seen dead with that on my arm. But then I wud be dead wouldn't I, who makes up those dumbass sayings anyway ! 

Another lil Winnie the Poo bear tattoo and just look at those sexy ginger freckles. That is deff the freckles of a redhead, trust me I can spot a redhead from a mile away. I love these Teddy Bear Tattoos! 

Teddy Bear Tattoos Cutesy Lil video

Ok so I was wrong when I said it was only girls that got teddy bear tattoos as you can see to the right a guy called Tom has got a teddy bear tattoo. Well unless it was a girl who is a bit of a TomBoy and she got Tom tattooed on her just to prove a point, nahhh that sounds a bit crazy but as my old Gran used to say " There is nothing stranger than folk " and she shud know, it took 5 strong men to drag the old bag off to the nuthouse, my Mum says that's where I am gonna end up.

Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed my lil Teddy Bear Tattoos blog cause I know some of ya girls got all frightened at the Vampire Tattoos. So to make ya all laugh and have a lil cute smile om yer purdy lil faces I have also put a fun lil Teddy Bear song just below for ya all. Ya better watch it or I will smack yer bear bums, laters peeps !

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