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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tree Tattoo Designs

Tree Tattoo Designs, Tree Tattoos, Tree Tattoo Designs and yesterday whilst out on my 20 mile jog I was running through the forest when I stopped for my 10 mile rest. I  gazed all round me at the beauty of the Trees and shouted aloud "I am gonna write a Tree Tattoo Designs Blog" and this guy passing shouted to his daughter "Come here love, I think that guys on drugs", like how rude !!

Anyways you tattoo lovers today I am branching out, excuse the pun and bringing you 10 stunning Tree Tattoo Designs and trust me their designs will make  yer eyes pop out. I was looking all over the internet for these 10 Tree Tattoo Designs because I want to try and make each of my tattoo designs blogs better than the other.

Right I gotta go, that run in the woods yesterday has made moi lil feet sore so I am having a foot massage, do enjoy the Tree Tattoo Designs, oh and I forgot to say there is also a stunning Tree Tattoo DesignsVideo at the end. I am stumped now as what to say, enjoy the photos !

The first of my Tree Tattoo Designs is this beauty with the hanging red heart.

The second of my Tree Tattoo Designs is this bird in the tree tattoo design.

The third of my Tree Tattoo Designsis this stunning back tattoo design, love this one.

The fourth of my Tree Tattoo Designs is this lil beauty, deff loves this tree tattoo.

The fifth of my Tree Tattoo Designs is totally awesome tattoo design, deff theTree Tattoo Design to get !

The sixth of myTree Tattoo Designs is truly a work of art, I am deff loving these tattoo designs.

The seventh of my Tree Tattoo Designs is this Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo, doncha just love it.

The eighth of my Tree Tattoo Designs  is another Cherry Blossom tree, maybe I should do a Cherry Blossom Tattoos Blog !

The ninth of my Tree Tattoo Designs is one really kickass Tree Tattoo, totally awesome.

My last Tree Tattoo Designs is this redhead perhaps acting Eve in the Garden of Eden with the apple, I loves a redhead !

Tree Tattoos Design Video

 Well you tattoo lovers, did you enjoy the Tree Tattoo Designs Photos, totally awesome aren't they. Well my feet feel a lot better, I gotta say I love these foot massagers as they make moi lil toes tickle.

Anyways if you are thinking of getting a Tree Tattoo and you didn't like any of theTree Tattoo Designs above then fear not as I have found you a stunning Tree Tattoo DesignsVideo for you to look at which is good because if you see a tattoo design you like just pause it and take a photo of it with yer mobile phone.

Enjoy the Tree Tattoo Designs Video and if you have enjoyed my Tree Tattoo Designs Collection do please rate my blog up. Or even better share it on Twitter or Facebook with yer friends. I thank you for reading moi Tree Tattoo Designs Blog, enjoy yer day and I loves ya all !

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