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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wings Tattoo Designs

Wings Tattoo Designs, Wings Tattoo, Wings Tattoo Designs and well I just love wings tattoos. I recall when I was a lil boy I used to wish I had wings so I cud fly like Superman although I cud never work out how peeps didn't know he was Clarke Kent. Like picture the scene ok, yer at work and ya come home and yer partner who wears glasses, ( if they don't just pretend ok), has put on a blue top, blue pantyhose and pulled her red undies up over her pantyhose but takes her glasses off. You arrive home and say " Jeeeez who are you stranger?, nice undies; ) "

Anyways today I am bringing ya 14 stunning wings tattoo designs plus if yer good ya just might find 2 wings tattoo videos at the end. I wonder seeing that I am home alone shud I dress up in blue pantyhose and red panties, nahhh I will save it for my usual Friday night. My Old Gran caught me once dressing up, she said I was a nasty lil freak and a weirdo, ya don't think she was right, do ya? Enjoy the wings tattoo designs blog, I am off to find a pair of blue pantyhose that doesn't have a ladder in them.

Now if Heaven is full of angels with wings like these I am ready for you Lord. 
Wowwwww wings tattoo designs has given me one of the most stunning tattoos I have ever seen, totally jawdropping. " Totally Jawdropping, jeeez who writes yer script?" 
Love these 2 wings tattoo designs, methinks I am deff gonna pick up a chick with wings tattoos, total angels ; ) 

I loves this American wings tattoo design, makes me proud to be American, " Jeeez yer not claimin to be American again ya Irish Twat " 

I gotta say the more wings tattoo designs  I see the more they are growing on me, well I don't actually mean I am growin wings, I mean like ya know, tis moi lingo.

Ok I am hooked, wings tattoo designs are deff now my fav type of tattoo and if ya have one and are a redhead with no morals who drinks red wine email me ok. 

Nice lil foot wings tattoo, bit silly really cause ya don't have wings on yer feet, or do ya? 

I swear I am in 7th Heaven here lookin at all these wings tattoo designs, I wonder why they say in 7th Heaven, what about the other 6 and why does nobody want to be in them ?? 

OMG I think I am in love with this chick, that wings tattoo is out of this world. 

If yer a real Rock Chick and are lookin for a wings tattoo here is the perfect tattoo for you.

The wings and the cross with the defining lil verse " Only God can judge me ", deff love this one, one for all you judgemental gits ! 

After lookin at all the wings tattoo designs I think this one with the lil halo is for me, I have been a good boy all week, although I do look girly in this blue pantyhose !! 

Another wings tattoo with a meaningful lil verse, " Can't No Man Take My Wings ", you tell em girl ! 

And to end my wings tattoo designs blog I bring ya this work of Art, well tis an Art to being Art, doncha think ; ) 

Wings Tattoo Designs Videos

 I hate self praise but I really enjoyed that wings tattoo designs blog, I was just cruisin through it on a wing and a prayer. Hold on a second will ya, jeeeez I wonder does Superman get his blue pantyhose caught in his red panties or maybe my red panties are just too tight, jeeez maybe my Old Gran was right, I am a freak. !

Anyways tis a Friday night, I am gonna go out to my local off sales and get me some beer, I deserve it after writin this piece of crap. Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed the 14 wings tattoo designs and do click on the wings tattoo designs  videos, like wat else are ya doing, bugger all, am I right ?

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