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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tattoos Of Hello Kitty

Tattoos Of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Tattoos and jeeez we are having amazing sunshine in Belfast this week so I decided to lie on the beach yesterday in my pink Hello Kitty Bermuda shorts, I got some weird looks but I am used to that. I was of course wearing my mirror sunglasses so I could check out all those hot chicks in their bikinis when all of a sudden it was like I was in heaven. There running past me as if in slow motion was this hot little redhead with this awesome Hello Kitty Tattoo on her lowerback, I swear to God I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Anyways enough of my life, today my tattoo lovers because of my experience yesterday I am bringing you one totally mindblowing Tattoos Of Hello Kitty Gallery with photos that will make the hairs on your neck stand up. But please you lovely peeps do also take time to check out a few of my many 100’s of tattoo blogs.

Sleeve tattoos are my fav tattoos of Hello Kitty, love this cool collection of tattoos.

 Even Tattoos of Hello Kitty love Jack Sparrow the pirate.

 Doncha just adore this sweet little Hello Kitty Tattoo on the shoulder.

 I am a big lover of neck tattoos and I love this Hello Kitty Tattoo loads.

 Shoulder tattoos are the perfect place to get your cute little Hello Kitty tattoo.

 For me this sleeve tattoo is the best of any tattoos of Hello Kitty.

 Yes my friends, tattoos of Hello Kitty are even peace signs!

 Love these foot tattoos of Hello Kitty, I am loving the little devil tattoo.

 Tattoos of Hello Kitty don't come any cooler than this foot tattoo.

 Omg just check out this mindblowing little Hello Kitty Wrist Tattoo.

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