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Friday, 29 June 2012

Tattoos Of Sharks

Tattoos Of Sharks, Tattoos Of Sharks Designs and last night I decided to watch that movie “Jaws” as I was on my own as that little redhead still refuses to fall in love with me plus I really don’t have any friends, I am kind of a recluse you know. Anyways I made myself a little snack and although I have watched that great white shark loads of times I still enjoy watching that movie.

So today my tattoo lovers I have decided to give you a blog with a bit of bite by giving you a mindblowing Tattoos Of Sharks Gallery jampacked with 12 eyepopping tattoo photos and because I am in a good mood I have decided to share them with you, but do also check out a few of my other many 100’s of cool tattoo blogs.

 Omg just look at the mouth on this shark tattoo, kinda reminds me of my ex girlfriends!

 Woooooo, just look at this mindblowing shark tattoo, love it!

Totally love these sleeve shark tattoos, they are a tattoo with plenty of bite.

 Anyone that follows my tattoos knows I love red and black so this is one of my fav tattoos of sharks.

 Tattoos of Sharks just wouldn't be the same without a mindblowing chest tattoo, love this one.

 Wowwww now this is one realistic looking shark tattoo, doncha think?

 This is one knee trembling shark tattoo, deff one of my favourites.

 I love this hammerhead shark tattoo, must be a bummer having a head like hammer.

 I am so loving this cheeky little shark tattoo, kinda has the same grin as me!

Jeeeez my eyes are stunned by the colours, deff the most colourful of the tattoos of sharks.

 This has to be the most cheerful of the tattoos of sharks, cute doncha think?

 You can't beat tattoos of sharks and this sleeve tattoo is just knee trembling.

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