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Monday, 2 July 2012

Animal Print Tattoos

Animal Print Tattoos, Animal Print Tattoos for girls and yesterday me and the team of Great Tattoos took a visit to the local zoo and as I was looking at the tigers I saw this hot little redhead in front of me with this cool animal print tattoo running down her back, jeeez it made her look even hotter than she was.

So as I lay in bed last night dreaming about her long flowing red hair I thought tomorrow I am going to write an animal print tattoos blog and bring my tattoo loving friends 10 of the best mindblowing tattoos you will ever see.

 Love this cool animal print tattoo on the shoulder, cool isn't it?

 This animal print tattoo for girls is this jawdropping back tattoo.

 Love the thighs on this chick and they look hotter with animal print tattoos.

 Jeeeez I love the light blue colouring in this animal print tattoo, just mindblowing.

 This is my favourite of the animal print tattoos for girls.

 Animal print tattoos for girls don't get any better than this one, brings out the animal in me!

 Love this animal print tattoo, just awesome looking.

 Omg this animal print tattoo just behind the ear has just blown me away, or was it that gust of wind?

 Totally loving this animal print tattoo, sure as hell makes her look hot, doncha think?

 Jeeeeez now that's what I call one mindblowing animal print tattoo.

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