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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe Tattoos, Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs and last night I was watching that Marilyn Monroe movie “Some Like It Hot”, personally I like my redheads hot. So you are asking why am I doing a blog on a blonde, well she’s not just any blonde is she, she’s the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

Anyways today my tattoo loving friends I am bringing you a mindblowing Marilyn Monroe Tattoos Gallery with 12 of the best Marilyn tattoos plus of course a cool video at the end. But after you finish checking out my blog do check out my Marilyn Monroe Sayings blog plus take a look at a few of my many 100’s of tattoo blogs.

 Animal print tattoos are popular so mix that with a Marilyn Monroe tattoo and you have a winner of a tattoo!

 Now if Marilyn Monroe was to play for the New York Yankees they would never lose, doncha think?

 Another amazing Marilyn Monroe tattoo on the foot, I really love this tattoo design, great idea.

 Loving this arm Marilyn Monroe tattoo with roses underneath, just mindblowing!

 Jeeeez she even looks stunning in a tattoo, I love this tattoo a lot.

 Another cool Marilyn Monroe tattoo which I love for it's original idea.

 Well you just can't leave out this famous Marilyn pose, can you?

 Even 50 years after her death Marilyn Monroe is still a Legend.

 This is my favourite of the Marilyn Monroe tattoos, the stunning little blonde in deep thought.

 Looking for a cool Marilyn Monroe tattoo on your leg, look no further.

 So why do I love the Marilyn Monroe tattoos, because I am a big fan of the lovely lady that was Norma Jean Baker.

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