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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tattoos Of Owls

Tattoos Of Owls, Owl Tattoos or damn it old tattoos but hey I am bringing you a great tale today and you won’t believe it. I decided to go out for a cycle in the woods and whilst I was cycling I saw this stunning bird, not my little redhead but a really awesome snowy owl and I was looking at it so long I crashed my bike against a tree. “Are you alright” I heard a voice say and as I turned round I saw that hot little redhead jogging with her friend. “I have cut my knee, you fancy giving it a massage” I said and she replied “No way you loser, I know the only massage places you go to”, like the owl she couldn’t give a hoot!!

Anyways my tattoo loving friends enough of my terrible love life, today I am bringing you a mindblowing Tattoos Of Owls Gallery plus as usual a spellbounding little tattoo video at the end, jeeeez my backside still hurts from my bicycle crash. But do my online friends take time to check out my many 100’s of other tattoo blogs, I want to be the biggest kickass tattoo site on the net.

The first of my tattoos of owls is this mindblowing owl tattoo on the back, I love it!

The second of my tattoos of owls is this exposion of colours in this owl sleeve tattoo.

The third of my tattoos of owls is this eyepopping ribcage owl tattoo, cool isn't it?

The fourth of my tattoos of owls is this cute little owl tattoo.

The fifth of my tattoos of owls is this totally realistic back tattoo.

The sixth of my tattoos of owls is also real looking, jeeez you would swear it's looking at you.

The seventh of my tattoos of owls is yet another stunning owl sleeve tattoo and what a beauty it is.

The eigth of my tattoos of owls is this knee trembling chest tattoo and this is my favourite owl tattoo.

The ninth of my tattoos of owls is this earth shattering back tattoo, beautiful isn't it?

The last of my tattoos of owls is this stunning half sleeve tattoo, what a stunning bit of inkwork. 

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the tattoos of owls but we haven't finished yet as I have a cool video for you to watch so sit back, relax and enjoy the pretty pictures.


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