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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pirate Tattoos

Pirate Tattoos and for me a fan of Captain Sparrow you just can't beat the pirate tattoo. Jeeez shover my timbers but it sure is cold here in the UK this March, it was -6 this morning and this tattoo guy is shivering, even my teeth are gnashing.

But today my tattoo loving friends I bring you 8 jawdropping pirate tattoos plus a cool little pirate tattoo video, so jump aboard you land lubbers and enjoy the scenery.

The first of my pirate tattoos is this hot little wench with the patch, pretty little thing isn't she?

The second of my pirate tattoos is this earth shattering skull tattoo, you gotta love the skull tattoo.

The third of my pirate tattoos is this cute little foot tattoo, I just love it.

The fourth of my pirate tattoos is this knee trembling arm tattoo, just a joy to look at.

The fifth of my pirate tattoos is just mindblowing, just look at the amazing inkwork in this tattoo.

The sixth of my pirate tattoos is my favourite pirate tattoo, 10/10 to the the tattooist for this one.

The seventh of my pirate tattoos is just a work of art, god I could look at that all day.

The last of my pirate tattoos is this jaw dropping tattoo on the chest, what a stunning tattoo design.

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