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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Game Of Throne Tattoos

I was getting a bit cold last night and I said to myself "Jeeez Winter is Coming" and I thought I wonder if anyone has been getting any Game of Thrones Tattoos as I would love Khaleesi all over my body, oh yeah baby you gotta believe I would, I love that Mother of Dragons.

Anyways enough of my crap, let me take you my lovely tattoo lovers on a browse of 10 stunning jawdropping Game of Thrones Tattoos, like jeeez pick your jaw up will you and take a look at the tattoos, I ain't wasting my time posting this !!!

Totally loving this "Winter is Coming" tattoo, jeez I better get some heating oil in soon.

Woooo I am thinking this Game of Thrones Tattoo would look so cool on my arm, should I get it?

Omg the Goddess that is Khaleesi herself and I just love this knee trembling tattoo, we all love the Mother of Dragons.

Yeah I love this tattoo a lot but I am a huge Game of Thrones fan, like who isn't I hear you all cry!!

Oh yeah baby this is one kick ass shoulder Game of Thrones Tattoo and that would make me look really cool on holiday.

Now this is deff my favourite Game of Thrones Tattoo and what a beauty it is, OMG I am getting all these tattoos !!

Oh I am so loving this Mother of Dragons back tattoo and what a beast it is, damn stunning though doncha think?

I gotta say I love a good full back tattoo and this Game of Thrones Tattoo is a true work of art, totally love this earth shattering tattoo.

Yes the awesome "Khaleesi" on your arm is a great Game of Thrones Tattoo, just make sure you spell Khaleesi right ok.

I end my Game of Thrones fans with this awesome knee trembling Game of Thrones back tattoo, god that is so stunning I just passed out.

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