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Friday, 10 February 2017

Weird Tattoos

Weird Tattoos, Weird Tattoo, Weird Tattoos and tis weird that I even think anything is weird these days. Is it just me or are people getting more weird each year, personally I blame the internet because it gives these weird loners a home.

Anyways today I am gonna bring you some really weird tattoos that you will ever see in yer life, they will be such weird tattoos you will be emailing yer friends and saying " Have a look at this tattoo, isn't it weird? " I kinda love the word weird as to be honest I am a bit weird myself ya know, but I like being weird ya know, being ordinary is just plain boring and hell there are too many peeps that are boring these days.

Of course at the end of my weird tattoos blog I will have 2 totally weird videos of the weirdest tattoos you will ever see. Hands up if you think yer a bit weird, jeeez get yer hands down you soddin weirdos, jeeeez my tattoo blogs are just read by weirdos, Great !! But I do know a lot of you tattoo fans want a tattoo that is different, a real bad kickass tattoo that people will stare at and that's another thing. Ya ever notice these days how nosey people are, like yesterday I was out for a walk and this old guy kept lookin over at me, I just wanted to shout " what are ya looking at, do ya want a photo? " I know, I am so immature, I blame my new medication.

Anyways enjoy the mouth watering weird tattoos and I will catch ya at the bottom of the photos with 2 great videos.

Now that's what I call one hell of a weird tattoo, methinks I am gonna keep an eye on this chick !

Didn't I tell ya at the start that peeps are weird, gotta say that weird tattoo made me laugh but do remember, smoking is bad for ya ; )

Just thought I wud post a photo of a nice chick I picked up at the weekend, she's moi catwoman, do ya like her ?

Two nice weird matching tattoos on the eyelids, I kinda find this sexy, doncha agree ?

Lol ya gotta love this lil funny monkey weird tattoo, loves it !

And the last of my weird tattoos is that crazy chick who fell asleep getting a tattoo and woke up seeing stars, now that's a star tattoo for sure.

Jeeeez I gotta say I enjoyed writing that weird tattoos blog, I found there are peeps out there that are even more weird than me. I do however like that one at the end of the chick with the 52 star tattoos on her face, I actually think it looks pretty cool, but then that's me !

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed that collection of weird tattoos and if you want to see even more crazy and weird tattoos then fear not because I have found you 2 great weird tattoos videos which you will just under here.

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